Cooperative Purchasing

As of this spring, MCEDD is expanding the services we provide for all our member communities by offering a Cooperative Purchasing Program.  We are offering this program through a partnership with the Greater Portland Council of Governments.  The purpose of this program is to bring all the municipalities in our region together in order to save money through group purchasing of good and services.

The following provides a schedule and description of items that will be bid on through this year’s program:

Copier Paper – In exchange for purchasing a year’s supply of paper, this bid offers members the opportunity to receive excellent prices that include delivery on the highest quality dual-purpose copier paper. This bid includes letter, legal and 11 x 17 white bond; pastels, fluorescents or brights; and recycled paper. The bid is scheduled for spring to obtain best pricing; however, delivery can be taken anytime through August.  2016 Bulk Copy Paper Bid Award_Participant Notice
Office Supplies – This bid offers huge discounts on office products. Included, at separate discount, are electronics, furniture, and other specialty items. Bids are awarded on discounts, delivery and customer service.
Road Paving
Road Stripping  Poirier Guidelines Pricing
Heating Oil – This bid allows communities and school departments and other eligible agencies to purchase at the most favorable prices available. Awarded companies cannot charge more than their cost plus a fixed profit margin (add-on) during the two-year term of each bid. Products include heating fuels #1, #2, #4 and #6, K-1, and propane.
Culvert Pipe – This bid allows communities to receive low prices on aluminum alloy pipe, N-12, SDR-35, drainage tubing, CMP and aluminum coated Type II CMP and poly pipe. Because manufacturer pricing of culvert pipe can be very volatile, this bid is specially structured so that following a 90-day fixed price period, vendors are permitted to increase prices with written proof of manufacturer increase.  2016 Culvert Pipe Bid Award Notice to Towns

2016 Culvert Pipe Bid Results

Road Salt –  In one of the largest road salt bids in the state, participants pay one of the lowest prices per ton available anywhere for fully covered salt delivered. Picked up salt is offered as an option. All salt is laboratory tested and must meet stringent specifications for gradation, moisture and sodium content.
Signs – This long running bid has been noted for obtaining the lowest available prices on quality signs, signposts, and other safety products such as barricades, flashers and barrels. Signs are available in engineer grade, high intensity and prismatic reflectivity.
Transportation Fuel
Culvert Cleaning
Snow plow blades
Tire retreads
Cutting Edges – This is a commodity used by all municipalities. This is a recent addition to the bid list, and has received very competitive prices.

To participate in any of the bids listed above the following process will be undertaken:

1.     Prior to items going out to bid MCEDD will send out emails to all member municipalities requesting estimated needs for a particular item.  We do ask that if you send your estimated needs you make a commitment to purchasing this item through the winning supplier.

2.     Once all the estimated needs forms have been complied they will be sent to GPCOG who will run the bid process on all items with the exception of Road Salt and, when requested by members, gas/diesel and heating fuel.

3.     Bid participants will be informed of who won the bid, the price and contact details for the supplier.

4.      Bid participants contact the winning supplier and arrange an order.

If you have any questions on the MCEDD Cooperative Purchasing Program please contact Audra Caler-Bell at or 207-370-6045.