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Location. Location. Innovation.

Some of the advantages of doing business on Maine’s Opportunity Coast are obvious: the outstanding location, spectacular natural environment, and proximity to major population centers in Maine, New England and the Eastern Seaboard.

But our region is also becoming world-famous for something not quite as obvious – a focus on innovation and a strong entrepreneurial spirit that runs through our people and our economy, and is especially evident in the following four growing industry sectors.

Advanced Materials & Manufacturing

For centuries, Coastal Maine has had a rich history of boat building activity. In recent years, that heritage has evolved into a world-class convergence of advanced composite, marine, precision manufacturing, energy and environmental technologies, all thriving on Maine’s Opportunity Coast.

Through a Federal WIRED grant, Maine’s North Star Alliance has made significant strides in workforce development, marketing, and state-of-the art composites training. In addition, the redevelopment of the Brunswick Naval Air Station provides further opportunities for growth as an aviation industry center.

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Energy/Green Technologies

The region’s natural beauty has triggered a strong sense of environmental awareness among residents, businesses and institutions. Fostered and supported by several regional organizations (see Resources below), there is an active network of people involved in doing business, sharing knowledge and providing education within a variety of energy and environmental related fields. (Photo: Joe Merrill, Brunswick ME)

Opportunities include a stock of high-valued coastal homes and businesses with owners willing to adopt new green technologies and designs; the convergence of the Energy and Composites sectors in the manufacture of wind blades and solar canvasses; and the redevelopment of the Brunswick Naval Air Station and its growth potential in energy-related industries.

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Specialty Food, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Fishing

Maine’s Opportunity Coast has seen a major surge in food industry-related business, stemming from the region’s close association with fishing and seafood but also extending to agricultural and other high quality specialty products.

With steady increases in employment levels, the region is home to several major national firms (see below) who are able to successfully capitalize on the world-famous Maine brand. Active and supported locally, the Food sector has close ties to other important Maine business sectors, including links with Buy Local and Food Tourism enterprises. (Photo: Thomas Field, Newcastle, Maine )

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Arts & Cultural Tourism

A vibrant facet of Maine’s “Creative Economy,” there is a diverse cluster of artists and small firms up and down the coast that serve as a sustainable economic driver for existing residents as well as an attraction for new workers, residents and tourists.

Home to leading artists and arts groups who appreciate the region’s strong locational advantages and powerful Maine brand, the sector is enjoying steady increases in employment, local support, and opportunities for integration with other regional Cultural Tourism initiatives.

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There are many hundreds of artists and galleries throughout the region. For a listing of arts and cultural links in Sagadahoc County, Brunswick and Harpswell, click here for the Five Rivers Arts Alliance Directory.

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