Mobilize Midcoast Maine

Mobilize Midcoast Maine

is a new collaborative asset based approach to economic development that is centered on private sector engagement. Rather then working from the top down, Mobilize Maine takes a bottom-up approach to identify assets and leverage those to improve the regional economy.

Mobilize Midcoast Maine is:

A local leadership driven initiative that maps regional assets and industry cluster value chains

An asset versus needs based approach focused on advantages versus deficiencies, which can be preserved, enhanced and leveraged to achieve economic, social and environmental prosperity

A private/public partnership supporting a grass roots mobilization of Maine’s citizens to take responsibility and control of their economic destiny

How it works:

Foundation Phase:
In the Foundation Phase, produces very specific goals around a series of economic indicators, such as population, average wage, and labor force participation rate.
This Phase brings a deeper understanding of the regional economic climate of opportunity and challenges, and begins to inform a long-term strategy to move the region forward.

Discovery Phase:
In the Discovery Phase, unique regional assets are identified and cataloged. The assets are identified through a series of regional forums where community business leaders and public officials are asked to provide input. This asset mapping process is more than an inventory and includes asking community leaders how assets can be leveraged, what the value is and what resources are missing to realize the leveraged opportunity.

Connect Phase:
The Connect Phase includes the asset prioritization process and a focus on an economic/industry cluster. Typically, the cluster that is focused on has a special characteristic to it that allows the region to leverage significant economic gain.

In addition, as opportunities are uncovered through each of the Phases, action teams are immediately formed to achieve both short and long term “wins” for the region.

Report Phase:
The fourth milestone of the process is the Report Phase. The regional leaders present the core strategy, regional economic goals, discoveries, priorities and recommendations moving toward an industry cluster opportunity analysis. The Report phase provides a clear and concise communication of strategic direction, progress made to date, public and private sector responsibilities and most importantly how to get involved.